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July 13th, 2019 

We our closing hockey development seminar will be held at the alt Hotel. Speakers will bring pertinent information concerning Parental Love syndrome, how to identify & understand the cause!  How do you swim when disappointment primes. What will the aspiring player encounter during his/her  hockey journey! Expectations of a GM or Coaching staff. What are the different roles of hockey management administration. Players have to have a grasp of the business side of hockey what goes with who and why are there certain demands which do have a direct lien to your performance on ice. Academics and hockey.  Students will pay $50.00 plus  $75.00 includes entryforparents  $100.00 for a family of Two (2) not members. Starts at 08:30 AM and finishes at 08:00 PM. 


There will be a lunch and Dinner possibility menu if desired via Hotel. 



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